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Off to College

A Short Story By Marleah Bazany

April 28, 2016

“Today all of you seniors need to go home and ask your families this series of questions. You have to then write a paper about what you find out pertaining to two of your family members,” the teacher said to the class of senior students.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the day; all of the students gathered their stuff and left the classroom, grabbing the assignment as they walked out. The senior girl walked to her locker and quickly opened it while balancing her books in one arm. She put everything in her locker and pulled her backpack out to place her English stuff in her and closed her locker. She said bye to her friends as she walked out of the high school.

As she walked through the front door of her house, she was bombarded with a two large dogs that felt the need to show her how much they loved that she was home.

“Hey, I’m home!” she called out as she pushed her way past her large dogs. “Hello, is anyone home?!”

“SISSY!” was heard along with stomping of heavy feet down the stairs and across the floor as two late elementary boys came around the corner. They collided with the girl, almost knocking her over harder than the two large dogs.

“I thought you said that girls had cooties,” she stated looking at them curiously.

“No, Mya, you’re just a sister, so it doesn’t count,” the younger boy stated looking up at her with an innocent smile.

“Thank you so much Jaiden. I really appreciate your total disregard of my being a female,” Mya said scowling down at him.

“What does that whole sentence mean, Mya?” the older boy asked looking at her with confusion clear in his eyes.

“It means he said that I’m ‘just a sister’ and I don’t have cooties because of being ‘just a sister’. So, he pretty much just said that I’m not a girl because I’m ‘just a sister’, and I don’t have girl cooties,” Mya explained.

“Kaleb Norville Hyde! Jaiden Scoobert Hyde! What did I tell you to do before you could go play video games?!” a stern voice called from the stairs. Both boys laughed and then ran back toward the stairs to do what they were told to do before Mya had arrived home.

Mya walked out of the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs and looked up. She smiled at the scowl that was evident on the older woman’s face as she faced toward where the two little boys had probably run off to.

“Hi mom. How was your day with Kaleb and Jaiden? You must love when they have a day off of school,” Mya teased with a smile as the woman’s attention moved to her.

Mya began to climb the stairs, holding the rail to keep the balance of her backpack forward to prevent herself from falling backwards. Her mom smiled at her. Mya kissed her mom’s cheek when she reached the top of the black carpeted stairs and chuckled as her mom scowled in her brothers’ direction when a crash was heard.

“Boys, what just happened? What was that crashing I heard?” her mom yelled with a dejected tone of voice. Mya just smiled and walked to her room, passing her brothers on the way. She noticed that both of them had pillow feathers in their hair.

“Boys, what is this?!” their mom screamed in anger.

“Uh-oh!” Kaleb said with a big smile on his face. Mya stood in her doorway watching her little brothers get into trouble.

“Jaiden, run! Hide in here!” Kaleb yelled grabbing his younger brother’s shirt sleeve and dragging him through Mya’s doorway, almost knocking her over in the process.

“Hey, who said that you boys could come hide from our mom’s anger in my room?” Mya asked putting her hands on her hips. Her brothers just smiled widely at her as they all heard a person’s footsteps on the way toward the room. The boys looked wide-eyed at the doorway as Mya turned to look at it as well. There in the doorway stood their mom. She had her hands on her hips, one eyebrow lifted as she tapped her foot looking at her two mischievous boys.

“Here you go!” Mya said moving around her brothers and pushing them toward their mom.

“Hey!” both little boys yelled at their sister. Mya just smiled at them.

“What happened to the sibling loyalty?” Kaleb asked looking at his sister with a scowl. Jaiden looked to his brother and then copied his stance, scowl on his face directed toward Mya and his arms crossed.

“It went down the drain when you woke me up in the middle of the night with your nerf guns. But don’t worry, I have to interview the both of you for an assignment for school,” Mya answered still smiling.

“What’s an assignment?” Jaiden whispered to Kaleb.

“An assignment is a piece of work that is also known as homework,” Kaleb answered in a normal voice. The boys turned to their mom, laughed, and ran out the door. Mya looked at her mom confused as to what her brothers had done and what they were going to get in trouble for. Her mom sighed and shook her head.

“They threw their pillows at each other and ended up making their bookshelves wobble and fall. Thankfully the only thing that got hurt were the pillows because those are completely torn apart,” her mom answered her unasked question. Mya nodded her head, imagining that whole ordeal happening. She almost laughed at how much trouble those two boys could get into.

Mya had interviewed both of her parents already, so now she needed to locate her brothers and find out their responses to finish her homework. She finally found Kaleb after looking through the whole downstairs. She knocked on his bedroom door and smiled at him. He groaned, but turned to face her as walked in and sat on his bed. She pulled out her notebook and got ready to write.

“Full name. Kaleb Norbert Hyde,” Mya said to herself as she wrote down her younger brother’s name. She then looked at her first question and then back up at her brother. “What are you looking forward to when I leave for college next year?” Mya asked looking into her brother’s eyes.

He shrugged, not sure what to say. Then, he looked around his room and finally spoke, “A free room that could be changed to look different.” Mya twirled her hand tyring to encourage a better response than just that. Kaleb just shrugged and Mya stopped.

“What do you dislike the most about me, your older sister, leaving next year?” Mya continued. Kaleb scowled a little. He looked at down at his lap as if he were thinking.

“What won’t you like about my leaving next year?” Mya explained.

“It will just be Jaiden and I. We won’t have our big sissy with us every day. We will only have momma and daddy, no big sissy. I’ll miss you,” Kaleb answered finally looking up at Mya once he was finished answering. Mya looked at her brother, seeing the sad look on his face, before writing down his response to the question.

“Will you miss me while I’m off to college?” Mya asked her next question quietly. She looked to her brother again. He smiled a little.

“Yeah because you’re sissy. And I don’t need a reason to miss my big sissy,” Kaleb answered smiling at Mya with a look in his eyes. A look that told her that Kaleb didn’t like to think about not having her around because she’ll be at college.

“Is it a big deal that I am going to college next year?” Mya asked.

“Yes because Mya won’t be here anymore. No because there will be less yelling and loud noise,” Kaleb said smiling at her. Mya rolled her eyes at that yelling comment. Kaleb just smiled brightly.

“Okay, this is the last question I have for you. What’s one thing you wish you could change before I leave for college next year?” Mya asked looking at Kaleb. Kaleb nodded.

“I want to do more to show how much I value my family and friends,” Kaleb answered before going to his sister and hugging her. Mya hugged him back. Mya then let him go and went to find her other little brother. She finally found him eating soup and watching a movie.

“I have to talk to you Jaiden. No getting out of this interview,” Mya said smiling at her little brother and trying not to laugh as he looked like a deer stuck in the headlights, soup dripping down his chin. “What are you looking forward to when I leave for college next year?”

“Sissy will be gone,” Jaiden answered with an innocent smile and a little giggle as Mya looked at him with a scowl.

“What do you dislike the most about me leaving next year?” Mya asked still scowling.

“Sissy will be gone the whole year,” Jaiden said no longer smiling real big. Mya looked at her brother and smiled a little.

“Will you miss me while I’m gone?” Mya continued.

“Yes because sissy is going to be gone a year a time,” Jaiden spoke before slurping a little more of his soup.

“Is it a big deal that I’m going off to college next year?”

“Yes because I’ll miss sissy,” Jaiden said honestly.

“What’s one thing you wish you could change before I leave for college next year?” Mya asked looking at her brother. His face scrunched up as he thought over the question. Mya thought it was cute when he did that.

“Um, sissy not going to college and staying with us!” Jaiden finally answered with a bright smile. Mya laughed causing her little brother to laugh along with her. Mya got up and headed to her room. Once she was in her room she went to her bed and pulled her laptop to her and began to write her essay for school. She didn’t move from her spot until she had finished.

My family all reacted in similar ways to the idea of my going to college. All of them were excited for me, yet sad about the idea of my being gone. The most interesting interviews being that of my two younger brothers. Their answers made sense, but the emotion behind them was overwhelming. I would have known that my brothers would miss me so much, and I haven’t even left yet. My brothers two of the four pillars in my life. They both make me smile, laugh, and generally have fun. I have only seen the exciting and academic side of going to college, but now I see how much I will truly miss my brothers. I love my family and I will miss them the whole time I’m at college. What I’ve realized is that leaving my family will be one of the hardest things I will do in my life, but I know that I will always have my family with me.

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