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Sincerely Bullying

Hannah Reynolds

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Sincerely Bullying

By:Hannah Reynolds

“I will cause 160,000 children to stay home each day, I will make nearly 27,000 children drop out of school every month, and I will kill about 13 million kids this year.”

-sincerely bullying.


Bullies make the assumption that the smile pasted on your face is a permission slip to cause you pain.They judge you, as if you were a book, with one glance they believe they know your story. The story that contains all the pain, all the suffering, and all the agony; the story that deserves so much more than just a glance, but we let them overlook our depth. 

Look in your mirror. Tell me what you see. Do you see the divorce, do you see the tears you’re drowning in, do you see the names you were once called, or the knives in your back? Or do you see yourself with a smile painted on your face to make it look like you’re okay? What if I was to tell you the boy you claimed was stupid and unloved killed himself just a few minutes ago. Remember that girl you made fun of for crying? Well, you’d cry too if your mother was dying. The little boy you shoved to the ground, when you looked at him did you know he would go home to endure the same abuse? I didn’t think you did. The old man on the bus bench that you laughed at because of his scars, little did you know that he fought for our country. The girl you called ugly, she wakes up every morning scared to look in the mirror, because she is blinded by the mask that you put on her, and she will never truly know her own beauty. With one glance you think you know their lives, guess what? You don’t!  

Once again I want you to stand in front of your mirror, but don’t look in it, look past it. Forget the names, they don’t define you. Forget the number on the scale or the number on your IQ test, because numbers are numbers and they have no impact and no definition on you. 7 billion people live in this world, scattered throughout 195 countries, and you are one. One beautifully unique person, with a heart more pure than gold and a smile that’s much more worth seeing than the Mona Lisa. You are one. In fact you are the only one with your personality, with your thoughts and ideas, and you are the only person, right now, who is as beautiful as you.

Straighten up my darling, stand tall, and be strong because you have so much more to live for.

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One Response to “Sincerely Bullying”

  1. Rita Barichievich on May 22nd, 2017 9:27 am

    I saw a video on Facebook that had this script and I thought it was brilliant . I would love to see the video again if that is possible. This would be greatly appreciated.

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Sincerely Bullying