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Honor’s Night

Sammy McNeill, Staff Reporter

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Honor’s Night is a night for smiles and pride as it is the night where the efforts of Grand River’s Seniors are acknowledged and honored before their peers and families. Tears are shed from the happiness of seeing one’s friends and loved ones take the prideful walk up the stairs to the stage to accept an award that they have worked so hard over the last four years to achieve.

There were many categories of awards, such as class specific awards – such as the Mad Scientist and Pavlov awards for Science and Psychology classes respectively. These types of awards were given out to students who were recognized by a teacher for showing the various pillars of what being a TITAN is all about.

Another of the awards was the TITAN pride award which was given to a student who was a big part in the school’s events and culture. Nick Westendorp, aka Jay Walker, was given the recognition and honors that his efforts and service over the years deserve. Throughout the years, he’s announced at main sports events as well as the morning announcements every Wednesday.

As host of the event and a mother as well, Ms. Parmelee had a lot on her mind Monday night, or so you would expect. But when asked, all she had to say was: “Proud. I was so proud of all of the winners.”

The biggest honors given out that night were the honors of Valedictorian and Salutatorian. These awards are given out to the top two students in the class. There are many factors that make one eligible for the award: overall GPA, SAT score, community service hours, number of AP classes taken, AP exam scores, and number of years enrolled at GRP.

The winners of these two awards were Adam Werkema and Henry Nguyen, Werkema being the Salutatorian and Nguyen being the Valedictorian. When his name was called, Werkema walked to the stage proudly, smile beaming with joy. Nguyen, on the other hand, ran down the center aisle with his fist pumped skyward and jumped from the ground to the stage. Once on stage, the two took hands and raised them high and proud. It was a truly moving scene, perfect for rounding out the night.

Similarly, when asked about how he felt receiving the award, Nguyen responded the same as Ms. Parmelee: “I was so proud of myself and of Adam.”

The two of them have worked so hard over the last four years and could have a better award for how hard they’ve worked than this. Congratulations to the both of them.

Other awards consisted of the community service honors for those who volunteered for 120+ hours, the Donor for Life award for those who donated blood six or more times since turning 16, and the Overcoming Adversity award, which was given to Adrian Tapia for his optimistic attitude despite the struggles Tapia has faced.

To all of the seniors, Mr. Romoslawski says: “Congratulations, and keep on trying to do amazing things.”

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Honor’s Night