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Interview with Donna Dobberfuhl

Randy Martinez, Staff Reporter

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On a recent visit downtown senior staff reporter Randy Martinez stopped to chat with Donna Dobberfuhl, who created the peace “Weeping Father,” which has been featured outside the Helen Devos Convention Center.

What inspired you to make this piece?
It’s a story of tragedy from my own personal experience and in this piece I am able to express my story. It’s a new beginning.

What other pieces do you have?
I have done this since 1994, I have too many to count. I have pieces all around the country, some in NYC, others in washington and some even in Europe.

Why did you choose to become an artist?
I didn’t choose it chose me. My mom told me when I was 3 years old I told her that Ima become an artist and since then I have been.

What age did you start doing art?
(I became) professional at 74. I started out by selling pottery.

What piece are you most proud of?
The National PoW memorial in Anderson, Georgia.

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Interview with Donna Dobberfuhl