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Gun Control Laws=Mass Shootings

Mishaylah Camp, Staff Reporter

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Just think, if you had your mindset of going to this amazing music festival, you booked tickets, hotels, and even took time off work. You flew halfway across the country to go to this festival. When you get to the festival in Las Vegas, you’re having a great time, enjoying the music, and being with your friends and family. You’re having a great time on your vacation, but you didn’t know it would end with you dying.

The mass shooting that happened earlier this month was something that could been prevented. Mass shootings around the country could be prevented if the gun control laws were stricter and if we required more to obtain firearms.

Since 2014 there have been over 150  mass shootings; about 52% of the people dying in these shooting are innocent. In the United States, there are 19 states that state “The citizens of this State shall have the right to keep for their common defense.”(nraila.com), meaning any citizen can go get a gun with or without a guns licences, or even a background check. There’s 16 states that say that citizens have the right to keep their common defence, but have certain requirements they have to meet to receive their firearm (nraila.com).

Most of these states are where these mass shootings are happening. For example Nevada’s gun law states “Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes.”(nraila.com), and in Las Vegas Nevada is where the last mass shooting happened. If the gun control laws were stricter, the mass shooting at that festival that night would not have happened.

There’s a reason we have the freely gun control laws we have today, which is because some people think everybody having the right to own their own firearm is a good thing. The gun control laws were allowed to become so freely is because the government fought for them to be that way saying it’s a constitutional right to be able to protect yourself, bringing up previous court cases where that was decided. People are saying the freely gun control laws are allowing citizens to protect themselves without having to call the authorities.


If gun control laws were stricter, all those thousands of people that died insist would still be alive. The Sandy Hook Massacre when Adam Lanza went into Sandy Hook Elementary school and killed 27 students that were completely insist or even the mass shooting in Charleston at Emanuel African Methodist Church when one was killed and nine were injured, they suspects had firearms because of the freely gun control laws(nytimes.com). If we make it harder for just anybody to get a firearm, there wouldn’t be so many mass shooting around the United States.


The mass shootings happening in the United States can be prevented if the gun control laws weren’t so free. Making the gun control laws will stop just anybody from getting firearms and being able to commit the terrible crimes that result in mass shooting.


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Gun Control Laws=Mass Shootings