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Season Premier of The Walking Dead

Patrik Konomi, Staff Reporter

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The Walking Dead Season 8 premier kicked off on October 22, resuming the ongoing conflict between Negan and Rick. When we last saw Rick and crew in the Season 7 finale back in April, it was at their home base in Alexandria. They had been double-crossed by their supposed new allies, The Scavengers, who turned on them because they got a better deal with Negan and his Saviors. It ultimately led to a shoot-out in which Negan still had the upper hand, but by the help of the Ezekiel and the Kingdom, the Saviors retreated.

On the Season 8 premier “Mercy,” we see the Alexandrians, Hilltop, and the Kingdom all come together, creating weapons and preparing for the rematch between Rick and Negan and the Saviors. Rick, Maggie, and Ezekiel all take turns addressing the people to assure them of their upcoming victory, but as predicted, it will be a hard and long fight. Back at Alexandria, Rick says goodbye to Carl, Judith, and Michonne. He’s leaving with a massive group of people to go after Negan.

Through the episode, we see a dream sequence of an older, gray haired Rick, waking up in his bed to an alarm. When he goes outside, they see a normal community. In this version of the future, all is well. In present day, Rick has a list of all of Negan’s locations and he’s crossing them off every time they kill one of the scouts. We then see Rick’s group meeting up with people from the Hilltop and Kingdom they’ve all just met, but they are united. You can see that he has no desire to lead, he just wants to accomplish his task of killing Negan, so that he can be with Michonne and his children, like it is seen in his dream. Near episode’s end, we see a close up of Rick’s eyes, which was a what we kept seeing throughout the premiere. Then we see Rick in addressing the group saying that he doesn’t want to wait anymore, and that no matter what comes next, they’ve already won.

Overall the episode was what I anticipated. It seemed at the beginning that the ultimate mission was to take out Negan, since Rick believes that he is the cause of all their problems and that by eliminating Negan, you eliminate the threat. But apparently there’s a bigger goal they are trying to meet. Although there is some confusion with the timing of the story line, I think the story will unravel itself down the road. I am excited for what’s to come and it is expected that there will be a lot of action coming up down the road.


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Season Premier of The Walking Dead