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Made of Flesh

by Adrianna Overton

November 30, 2017

Shutterstock / Lasse Kristensen

Shutterstock / Lasse Kristensen

I like it when they hold my hand.

Because my hands

are murder weapons,

items of mass destruction

made of flesh

and uncontrollable human emotions.


It’s like flipping the safety on a gun;

when they lock their fingers with mine,

I can’t pull the trigger back anymore.


I like it when they hug me.

Because I am a grenade

And they are the pin

that keeps me from destroying

my surroundings.


With them around me,

no one can step on the pressure plates

which activate the explosives

hidden in the most obvious of places

like my head or my heart.


And yet one day,

No matter how hard

I try to prevent it.

I will lose.

One day I will become

what I can’t help but be,

do what everyone expects me to do

Whether people realise it or not.


and when that happens

I hope they aren’t there to watch.

I hope they are far away,

safe from the damage war creates.


Because one day

we won’t be able to stop

the blaze of bullets from being released

and I don’t know about you

But that alone scared me.

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