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Horror Movies: Then vs. Now

April 10, 2018

First and foremost, why? Why should we watch horror movies? We should watch horror movies because they’re the bridge between what happens in the real world and what happens in the dark part of our minds. Horror movies give people the chance to release that darkness without any real consequences. They also give some people the chance to take advantage of others’ fear and use it against them in a harmless prank. Horror movies really get the adrenaline pumping and send your mind on a wild adventure.

Horror movies date as far back as 1896, maybe even further. Back then technology was really crappy and horror movies were predictable and visually unappealing–if we were to watch them now. Horror movies back then had revealing wires that viewers could see if someone or something was floating or possessed. They would be small but visible, taking away the affect that the movie was real, thus revealing how fake the movie was and losing the scared feelings viewers have. Small things like wires showing took away the dramatic and horrific affects that make horror movies great.

Secondly, the visual effects were terrible because like in the movieĀ Carrie, made in 1976, there’s a scene with Carrie uses her powers and a series of flashing lights followed as something was pushed over. In this scene, the flashes and smoke represented that something unnatural was happening. Effects like these made horror movies less scary because they don’t give off the “everything you see is real” vibe. The point being that the visual effects and effects in general could have been done better and could have been more convincing.

Finally, the cut scenes were choppy meaning that when a cut scene would happen you would be able to notice because it wouldn’t smoothly transition to the next scene. Instead of the movie telling a full story, it’s picking out certain parts to tell. Doing this can confuse people and take away from the movie because people would know why or how something happened. Thus taking away the intended feeling of fear and replacing it with question and doubt. Also, the story plots would either be unclear or start the same as other horror movies. There wouldn’t be any uniqueness with the movie or the story overall.

Nowadays, horror movies have made real big progress with production, acting, visual effects, killer icons, and story plots. With the advancement of technology, horror movies, and movies in general, have gotten a lot better visually. The effects and smooth transitions from scene to scene brings out the horror affect it’s supposed to. You really get scared of these movies and killer icons now that everything, technology wise, has evolved.

Horror movies now are so clean to the point that you forget it’s just a movie. Everything from cut-scenes/flashbacks to visual effects has improved drastically since then. It really convinces the audience that the movie is real and projects fear into people. All I’m trying to say is that horror movies has grown for the better and got scarier.

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