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The World is Yours Review

Dylan Phelps, Staff Reporter

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Rich the Kid’s new rap album “The World is Yours” was released on March 30. This is the young Atlanta-based Trap rapper’s first full-length debut album. Previously, Rich the Kid released mixtapes on Soundcloud and started his own record label. His rap style is very in-your-face and can be easily compared to his contemporaries like Migos.

I enjoyed the album it is all the same type of music genre, but there is a mix of different sounds which was very enjoyable to listen to. The album starts of on a slow tempo with songs like “The World is Yours,” but quickly builds momentum. It’s the first song on the album but it set the mood for what everything is about. Rich the Kid flexes his wealth, and he got the wealth from grinding and hustling for it.

The rest of the album is filled with a bunch of charting songs such as “New Freezer” ft Kendrick Lamar, “Early Morning trapping” ft Trippie Redd and “Plug Walk”. He also has a large cast of great well-known features including Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and Offset scattered across the 14 songs on the album. This also supports the idea that he has made it since he has a large cast of very well known and popular artists on his album which just boosts the value of his album.

The “The World is Yours” album was good, really good! Rich the kid brought some good features and also had some good songs that he did solo. One problem that listeners may find with the album is that it has explicit and vulgar language and focuses mainly on making and spending money.

The album is overall great! It definitely deserves a listen if you enjoy Hip-Hop/Rap. I personally have listened to the album about five times before writing this review, and I honestly can still keep listening to it. You can find it on places like Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify to stream for free or if you have apple music you can listen to it there (Links below). The album is very likely to be nominated for Album of the Year.





Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-world-is-yours/1359175279

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The World is Yours Review