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It Happened In Michigan

April 19, 2018

Whenever we hear stories about blatant, violent acts of racism, the first place that spring to mind is somewhere far away. A big city, maybe, or somewhere in the south. But instead, something happened over the weekend in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The mitten state, a northern state, reported a black teenager assaulted with bullets just by asking for directions.

14 year-old Brennan Walker missed the bus on his way to school, and when he tried to trace the usual route, found himself very lost. In need of directions, he knocked on a random door.

“I got to the house and I knocked on the lady’s door,” Walker said. “Then she started yelling at me and she was like, ‘Why are you trying to break into my house?’” Walker explained that he only wanted directions to his school, but the woman kept yelling. When he glanced through the window, he saw a male resident grab a gun. As Walker ran away, he heard gunshots.

The residents, the Zeiglers, called the police and testified that a young black man had tried to break into their home. After searching the neighborhood, the officers found Walker hiding and crying behind a nearby house. After Walker insisted that he had only asked for directions, the officers pulled footage and found his story to be real.

Jeffery Zeigler was arrested and arraigned Friday on charges of assault with intent to murder as well as felony firearm charges. His next court appearance will be on April 24.

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