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The Grand is a student-run online newspaper for Grand River Preparatory High School. Our mission is to publish content about our school, community, state, nation, and world that is relevant to our readers. The articles published here serve to strengthen Titan culture and community.

The Grand strives for accuracy and completeness in its material. We are committed to being a credible news source and confirm all facts before publishing. Any factual errors will be promptly edited when recognized.

The Grand’s staff holds responsibility for all published material that appears on the site. All published photography is our own unless credited otherwise. Members of the staff cannot publish libelous, obscene, or plagiarized materials.

The Editorial Board manages The Grand and reserves the right to determine what stories will be published. Rumors and gossip will never be the basis for any story. Any editorial piece solely expresses the opinion of the author(s) and is not representative of the school or The Grand as a whole.

Reader feedback is greatly appreciated. All stories on The Grand are open to comments. Submitted comments may be reviewed by the Editorial Board and are subject to removal if deemed inappropriate. Inappropriate comments include those that contain profanity or content that is obscene, libelous, or irrelevant to The Grand and its material.

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