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Aiyanna Applewhite
Aiyanna Applewhite is making a big mark this year as being the shortest senior. But being petite is not going to stop this girl, no sir! After high school, she plans to travel all over the world, especially Italy. But for know she’s surviving through her senior year, despite the people who test her patience by interrupting her when she’s talking. She’s also keeping herself busy by doing one of the things she loves most, cooking.Though that can sometimes lead to her craving her favorite sandwich, a meatball sub. But definitely not the kind from school! As school starts, and the seasons change, Aiyanna is most looking forward to it becoming fall, because then she can wear fuzzy sweaters. Though they should be from Charlotte Russe preferably, that way she can keep the bitter cold away. And while she strolls down the street this autumn, headphones popped in and listening to her favorite singer J-Cole, she can plan and daydream about going to her dream college, Howard University. Aiyanna has declared for this to be a relatively laid back year and has even admitted to having a bit senioritis on the second day of school! Here’s to hoping senioritis doesn’t win!  

Aiyanna Applewhite, Staff Reporter

Oct 06, 2017
Jeff Ingraham (Story)
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