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“Put effort in your work,” says the smart and talented Mikayla Butkus. The happy and supportive friend does a lot to get her work done and still has a great time doing it. Striving to be a social worker someday, Mikayla dreams to go to college in New Zealand but is also interested in GVSU and Michigan State. Her main goal in life is to help people and Brazil would be at the top of her list of places she would travel to in order to make other peoples’ lives better. Aside from the seriousness of life, Mikayla loves to relax by reading and binge watching Netflix, but she also loves to work! Pop or soda? Mikayla says pop and when it comes to the choice between Coke or Pepsi, Mikayla is a hard Coke fan!

Mikayla Butkus, Staff Reporter

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