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Mishaylah Camp
Mishaylah Brionna Camp, a senior at Grand River Prep, is quite fond of the subject of English because she feels that you can be more creative and independent while learning it. With her knowledge in english she plans to further her knowledge in her future occupation of business management and becoming a CEO of a fortune 500 company. In preparing for her future occupation Mishaylah plans to attend central state or ohio state to take flight in her career. Being homeless, one of her biggest fears, comes from her possibly not succeeding in what she has planned for life. With her 3 brothers and 5 sisters and her dream car of a rose royce behind her she has something to strive for so that her fear never becomes a reality. On a more personal note her favorite food is a crispy chicken sandwich from chick-fil-a .. and we can't forget to add bacon and chick sauce. For dessert she loves brownies because they taste very good. Her favorite book push is realistic in story which is why she enjoys it very much. Mishaylah’s favorite sport, which is less than a sport and more a hobby, is sleeping. She has a warmth for the colors of blue and black because she feels that they define her. Whereas black is the mean part of her… and blue is her softer side or nicer side.

Mishaylah Camp, Staff Reporter

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