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Moya Tobey
Moya Tobey, a senior at Grand River, prefers Starbucks coffee and waffles over pancakes because they’re ‘’not as soft or soggy as pancakes.’’ She also would choose orange juice over apple juice because apple juice is apparently too sweet. If you would catch her with a book in her hand, it would be Third Target. If she were in danger and no one was around to help her, she would call Captain America to come save her. When she’s having a rough day and she’s feeling down in the dumps, she pops her headphones in her ears and listens to music. It’s her favorite thing because it helps her get through the day. In twenty years from now, Moya sees herself being a full-time journalist because she enjoys expressing herself through writing. She sees herself traveling all over the world and diving into new adventures and experiences. If Moya could be a certain age forever, she said she would stay 21. The reason for that is because, ‘’It’s such a landmark age.’’

Moya Tobey, Staff Reporter

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