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Paola Zuno Diaz
Paola is a shy, quiet, fun loving character. Her favorite animal and spirit animal is the polar bear. She thinks that they are really cute and that it would be fun to have one. He likes food and her favorite sandwich is ice cream sandwiches, but she doesn’t like any of the special type- just the plain. Her favorite class happens to be Wyble’s. She likes the idea to travel and hopes to be able to travel when she gets done with school. She wants to visit Spain the most. She wants to learn more about the spanish culture and learn about the food.She likes dogs and really wants one, but her family won’t get one. Pitbulls take the top spot as her favorite dog. She works at Zumiez and would like to say “come buy some Thrasher at Rivertown.” She likes to skateboard even though she is not that good. She loves autumn because it is not too hot or cold. She believes in the idea that you make your own destiny. “Like you gotta go out there and take risks because you never know what could happen.

Paola Zuno Diaz, Staff Reporter

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